List of our esteemed donors to Empower Charitable Trust, Guntur

  1. Sri Gopala Rao Tella (Tella Sakamoto Foundation, USA – Dr TN Vijaya Kumar)
  2. Sri Vekatesh Rao Tella (Tella Nalluri Foundation – USA)
  3. NATCO Pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad (Sri Nannapaneni Chowdary)
  4. Sri Sambasiva Rao Tripuraneni & Smt Lakshmikantham Tripuraneni (Dr Ravikumar Tripuraneni & Mrs Jyothsna Tripuraneni), Guntur.
  5. Dr Bapuji Rao Velagapudi (Late Mrs Dr Nalini Velagapudi), Guntur
  6. Sri Sambasiva Rao Tripuraneni & Smt Lakshmi Tripuraneni (Dr Prabhakar Tripuraneni), Guntur
  7. Sri Sambasiva Rao Tripuraneni & Smt Lakshmikantham Tripuraneni (Dr Bhaskar Tripuraneni), Guntur
  8. Dr Reddy Laboratories, Hyderabad
  9. Sri Madhusudana Rao Damacherla, Guntur
  10. Dr Nazir Bhat, Srinagar
  11. Mr Jaffer Saleem Mohammed, Hyderabad
  12. Dr Shah Mohd Wasifuddin & Janab Shah Mohd Nazimuddin, Hyderabad
  13. Dr Badar Fathima Khan, Hyderabad
  14. Mr Zubair Bhat & Mrs Ashraf Bhat, Srinagar
  15. Sri Panduranga Rao Avula, Mulpur, Guntur dist.
  16. Sri Mastan Rao Punugupati, Guntur
  17. Dr Raghunath Pabbineedi, Kakinada
  18. Sri Harsha Mogali, Kakinada
  19. Dr Krishnarjuna Rao C. & Smt Vimalakumari C., Guntur
  20. Dr Madhubabu Paladugu & Dr Lalitha Papineni
  21. Sri Srinivasa Rao Linga & Smt Usha – Linga Foundation, Hyderabad
  22. Dr (Late) Ramesh Kasaraneni & Dr Sri Valli Kasaraneni, Guntur
  23. Dr Raghunath & Mrs Rajeswari Pabbineedi, Kakinada

List of our esteemed donors to Empower Internationale Trust, London

  1. Sri Ramesh Kollipara, Manchester, United Kingdom
  2. Andhra Medical Graduate Reunion, United Kingdom
  3. Dr Zackaria Mohammed, London
  4. Dr Shamim-ul Haque & Mrs Afshan Mohi, Stafford, UK
  5. Dr Ashok Patel, Bedfordshire
  6. Mrs Shaheen Khan, London
  7. Dr Kallam Srinivas, Leister, UK
  8. Dr Sudheer Surapaneni, Bedford
  9. Dr Smitha Pundit, Oxford
  10. Sri Kanthi Kumar, Manchester

How to donate?

Why do we need donations and support?

Patients like Rajesh, Kamala, Kareemulla and Satish (please refer to our ‘Success vs complex stories’ page) are just few of many who need support and treatment. Comprehensive model of mental health services which include provision of psychological and social interventions along with medication are not currently available in the government sector and it appears unlikely that this can happen in near future.

On the other hand, mental health services cannot survive in private sector, if we strictly stick to comprehensive model because the general public in India appears to hold a flawed view that the treatment of mental disorders does not deserve spending money on and some people feel psychotherapy means just ‘talking’ and does not cost much. On the other hand, these services are not affordable by poor patients.

We, therefore, strongly believe that it is possible to help all sections of the population through the Non-Profit model provided by MGICMH. If this provision of accessing the service with subsidised fee is not available for patients with low financial status, it would not have been possible to help patients like Rajesh, Kamala, Kareemulla and Satish to get to this level of stability and success in their lives.

Staff members need to be paid salaries and the hospital incurs maintenance costs making the expenditure substantial. Numerous appeals were made to the state government for funding without any success. Donations from generous people like you are likely to help manage and expand this project and extend help to poor patients who cannot otherwise afford to experience a high quality service.